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Whether it is ELA or science, one tool you are sure to see students in Mrs. Mauro’s six grade classroom using at Bradley Elementary School is Spartan Docs. Because her students can get online and work independently practically anywhere, Mrs. Rose Mauro (pictured below working with some of her students) asks her students to use the tool since they are able to type, share and edit each others documents with ease. As a matter of fact, it seems like there are countless, seamless opportunities to use Google tools in the sixth grade classroom. For example, in ELA, students write many essays throughout the year. As part of these activities, Spartan Docs is an ideal tool for the job since it even saves them time when it comes to editing and revising. This is because after completing his/her essay, the student can share the document with another student, who will edit/revise the document using the comment boxes. With Spartan Docs, students no longer have to print their documents to revise each others work and the students enjoy editing their peers papers using this tool. Students are also much more willing to edit and revise their own writing before they share their work with their peers. As the students progress through the year, they are able to keep track of the different types of writing they have completed by saving their work in their ELA folders on Spartan Docs. Another use beyond ELA is in science class. One activity in this subject where students work heavily with Spartan Docs is having students write letters to the editor and sharing (publishing) their letters with the whole class. The students are then able to read each others points of view on the topic and begin to form coalition groups that support the same position. Again, this saves time because each student is able to read 20 letters without having to print them! Overall, Spartan Docs make a natural fit and are often used in the sixth grade classroom. With the help of Mrs. Christine Raynard, Bradley’s computer teacher, students have become very comfortable using this tool and Mrs. Mauro is able to leverage is making her students more productive and more engaged in their learning, a true win for all. If you are for support or ideas on how to implement Spartan Docs in your own classroom, contact the district Tech Team for help. They can offer push in support, ideas, and training to fully implement Spartan Docs use with your own students, regardless of their grade level!


One of the nicest features of Spartan Drive over a traditional file system on the computer is the ability to put a file into multiple folders for quick access or better organization. In the old Spartan Drive, you were able to do this by holding down the Shift key and click on multiple folders that you wanted to organize your files into. Unfortunately, in the new Spartan Drive, this trick does not work. Luckily, there is a solution.

First, you must move the file into a folder. To do this, right-click once on a file to select it in your Drive list. From here, choose the option Move to... to put it in a folder.

Next, a Move To window will appear where you simply select to the folder you want to move the file into (see screenshot below)

Now to add the file into another folder, navigate to its new location and select it by holding down the Shift and Z keys. With that key stroke, you should now notice you are now given the option to the Add to window will appear instead of Move To! You use this option to add the file to a second folder. If you wish to repeat the process, just repeat with the process of using Shift+Z each time!

Hopefully now that you know it, this little tip will come in handy when you are trying to place a file into multiple folders. All it takes is a simple keystroke and you will have folders in multiple file in no time!

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers
iTunes Content for Your Classroom

Are you looking for a fun, exciting way to review material and allow your students to fun at the same time? If so, Kahoot! is a great tool for the job.
Kahoot! is a web-based tool that allows teachers to ask consecutive, quiz-show type questions using a game-based, engaging format. Students respond by joining a game through a unique number provided by the teacher. Beyond just pushing out questions, Kahoot! uses sounds and timers to make the game high energy. It also allows teachers to share their quizzes, so you can search the library to find examples that might be perfect for your class. Take a look today. You won’t be disappointed!
Visit Kahoot!
Science Talk
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

These short interesting videos come from scientists from Albert Einstein College of Medicine who discuss their latest research. The videos cover a wide variety of subjects and topics are applicable to many grade levels and subjects, especially when teaching STEM subjects! Spend some time taking a look at these and you sure to find something for your classroom.
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